Patsy Edmonds BA (Hons), FdSc Integrative Counselling. MBACP Accredited.

What happens in the first session?

This first meeting gives you the chance to see if I might be the right therapist and for you to see whether my style of counselling feels right for you. It gives you an opportunity and to ask me any questions you might have, before making any commitment. It’s very important that you feel comfortable with the therapist you choose. Indeed, research into the factors most likely to lead to a successful outcome in therapy consistently finds that it is the quality of the relationship between therapist and client that will be the single greatest determinant of success. My role as a counsellor during this session is to get to know you, understand who you are, listen to why you have come, why you are the way you are and what you might need from counselling. By exploring some of the events in your past, counselling can help you find the underlying issue that is preventing you from living your life to your full potential.

Together, we will work collaboratively to identify your concerns and help you decide whether you want to work on one particular subject, which might be creating current problem, such as relationship difficulties or work stress. In that instance, short term counselling might be appropriate. If we decide to work together, we’ll agree a regular time and day to meet, once a week, usually for 6-12 sessions.

However, if you find yourself in a position where a problem keeps arising and doesn’t seem to go away, perhaps you find yourself feeling anxious and unable to cope, then it would be helpful to invest more time in therapy and the option would be long term counselling, attending a session once a week for a longer period.

You might find yourself needing more time to work through an issue and explore the underlying reasons for the distress, particularly if you are feeling more anxious, in which case coming more than once a week might be beneficial.

How do I pay for my counselling and psychotherapy session?

Full payment is required in cash, or by cheque and is payable on the day of the session.

What are the fees for the counselling and psychotherapy sessions?

One-to-one counselling sessions are charged at:

£50 for a 60 minute session.

£70 for a 90 minute session.

Can I get an appointment that will suit me?

Appointments are dependent on my availability. I work Monday to Saturday from 7.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

Home visits are possible in the afternoons from Monday to Thursdays, from the following catchment areas; Guildford, Jacobs Well, Merrow, Clandon, Horsley, Fairlands, Worplesdon, Onslow Village, Shalford, Wonesh, Bramley, Shamely Green, Godalming, Peaslake, Chilworth, Albury, Shere, Gomshall, Woking, Knaphill, Ripley and Send.

What do I do when I cannot attend my counselling and psychotherapy appointment?

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact me as soon as possible to cancel or re-arrange for another appointment.

Missed appointments and cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be charged at the full fee.

Thank you for visiting my web site. I hope you have found the information you were looking for. For more information on organisations that may be of help to your situation, or if you are in a crisis, please refer to my Additional Help page.

How will therapy end?

Where our work extends beyond four weeks, I recommend that we have at least two weeks notice of ending to allow us a proper conclusion. If at any point you decide you want to end therapy, please talk to me about this in the sessions, rather than by telephone or email.

How do you contact me?

I can be contacted:

By telephone: 07437 449575

Please leave a message if I am not available to answer your call and I will return it as soon as possible.

By e-mail a-time-to-heal@hotmail.com

I check my emails regularly and will normally respond within 24 hours.



Life isn’t worth living, excessive and inappropriate guilt, no motivation.



Irritable, tense, nervous, uptight or wound up



Feeling lonely, disappointed and unsure of what to do may occur in a relationship.



Food, sex, gambling, alcoholism and drugs

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