How I Work

Patsy Edmonds BA (Hons), FdSc Integrative Counselling. MBACP Accredited.

Counsellor and Psychotherapist working in Woking and Guildford

The help and support that I received as part of my training has helped me understand the value of providing a confidential and safe space. I can provide you with such a space, where you will be understood and accepted, in a non-judgmental way, so that healing can take place in your own time. I will endeavour to provide these conditions during your time in therapy with me. For more information on my experience, please see my About Me page. I work from my home, in a quiet and relaxed environment, where you can reflect on your difficulties in a confidential and safe environment.

Counselling and Psychotherapy for Anxiety and Depression

My particular area of expertise lies in working with people, to help them understand their emotions and the way they react, which may be impacting their lives in a negative way. As a counsellor I will not offer you advice. I will support and empower you to help you identify what is helpful to ultimately reach your goals. Counselling increases self-awareness, which is essential to the process of making changes, decisions and healing.

I offer regular one-to-one weekly (including Saturdays and evenings) counselling sessions, to support and help you develop insights into your situation by using your own resources, strengths and understanding, to move forward or make changes.

Counselling and Psychotherapy to suit your needs

Not all people experience emotional difficulties in the same way and may not want the same kind of help. As an integrative practitioner, my focus is working relationally, drawing from various approaches to suit an individual’s needs, with a respectful, non-judgmental, and personal approach. My broad training base in counselling allows me to tailor our work together to suit your personal needs, in a confidential environment. For further information on the various theories of approaches I use, please see my Home page.

Depending on your needs, we will agree to work for a number of sessions. I offer short or long term counselling, as I believe that everyone is an individual and has different needs. Short-term counselling and therapy may be sufficient if you have a specific concern that you need help with. You may decide on long-term counselling and therapy, if you are experiencing deep-rooted issues that require a more in-depth approach. Depending on your choice, counselling sessions may be extended to 90 minutes or increased to twice weekly. Counselling sessions may be reduced to twice monthly, or once monthly, when your goals have been achieved, to maintain support towards the end of the therapy.

Can I be of help to you?

In seeking therapy, you have taken a huge step towards healing and finding peace and meaning for your worries, fears and pain.

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting with you for a free introductory session by phone or email, either to discuss whether counselling may be helpful, or to make an initial appointment. This can be done on my Contact Me page, via email or by phone 07437 449575. For more information about me please refer to the Counselling Directory



Life isn’t worth living, excessive and inappropriate guilt, no motivation.



Irritable, tense, nervous, uptight or wound up



Feeling lonely, disappointed and unsure of what to do may occur in a relationship.



Food, sex, gambling, alcoholism and drugs

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